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Pharmacist designed U-Script® is a self-service pharmacy kiosk that accepts new, refill, and transfer prescription orders for one or more of your pharmacies. The U-Script® kiosk includes a LCD touch screen, PC, credit card reader, receipt printer, and flatbed scanner. U-Script® can be deployed in a multitude of venues, such as:
In front of your pharmacy or at the store's entrance to handle prescription submission by customers who do not want to wait in line, or when the pharmacy is closed
In your stores which do not have a pharmacy
In hospital emergency rooms, especially when there is no 24-hour pharmacy present on site
In clinics
In large office complexes

::: How does it work?

U-Script®'s user-friendly prompts walk each customer through the prescription ordering process. Your customer chooses his pharmacy, the type of prescriptions (new or refill) he wants to fill, and then provides his name by inserting a credit card into the card reader or entering it manually using the touch screen keypad. The flatbed scanner facilitates transmission to the pharmacy of new prescriptions and insurance card(s). During the ordering process, your customer can submit or update his insurance information, medication allergies, medical conditions, and current medications. A summary of the order is displayed and your customer submits the order. U-Script® displays a confirmation screen, complete with:
A pick up time based on the number and type of prescriptions ordered,
Instructions for customers ordering new prescriptions to present the original prescription hard copies to the pharmacy at the time of pickup
A reminder to take the receipt generated by the receipt printer.
U-Script® places the prescription refills ordered in your pharmacy's pharmacy system fill queue and prints new prescription and transfer request information on your pharmacy's label printer. U-Script® features a graphic user interface (GUI) that enables pharmacy personnel to reprint when necessary.

::: Benefits

With its ease of use and small footprint, U-Script®:
Expands your pharmacy's presence
Captures prescriptions so they don't end up at your competitor
Enhances customer convenience

::: Implementation is easy
U-Script®, consisting of specially designed software and kiosk component hardware, is easy to install, and interfaces with over 20 different pharmacy systems. The U-Script® kiosk requires:
A TCP/IP connection to your pharmacy network
110V ac power

Ask an AIS sales associate for demo information and learn how you can position your pharmacy where you never thought it could be.

::: Integrates with other powerful technologies